Pyrometers from Proxitron are used for the monitoring of processes and quality control wherever ambient conditions place special demands on non-contact temperature measurement. High-performance Pyrometers from Proxitron are delivered with an innovative software, which allows easy control, simple parameterization and rapid integration of the device into existing processes.

Proxitron pyrometers are available in different versions to allow an optimal adaption to various applications. The pyrometers of the standard series are suitable for different materials and a wide range of applications. For temperature measurement on metals of up to 75 °C pyrometers of the GE series are the optimal choice. The ratio pyrometers of the Q series allow a highly accurate temperature measurement on objects between 600 and 2500 °C and supply best results regardlessly of the emissivity and even under difficult conditions.

For further different industrial applications to measure the temperature between -40 °C and 2500 °C the devices of the SD series are suitable. The separate sensor head allows an object temperature measurement in areas which are diffi cult to access and is suitable for ambient temperatures up to 180 °C. The evaluation electronic with display and programming keyboard enables an easy parameterization of the pyrometer and the display of the temperature value. Due to the RS 485 interface a quick integration in existing BUS systems is possible. The analog output is temperature linear and adjustable to the desired measuring range.

Different optical systems and a wide range of accessories allow measurement over longer distances and make every Proxitron pyrometer a specialist in long-lasting and maintenance-free devices.

Temperature plays a key role in many innovative manufacturing processes and determines the quality and consequently the success of a product. Monitoring, controlling and recording temperature during the different production steps is a central element in quality management and ultimately contributes to a large extent to efficient energy consumption and consequently environmental protection.

Infrared temperature measurement is used in many industries. Proxitron's special pyrometers have always been used in the metal and heavy industry due to their extremely robust design. They monitor casting processes, forging processes and almost every process involved in steel manufacturing, up to the ultimate rolling and forming stages of wire, tubes and plates.

Use our comfortable sensor selector for easy selection of a pyrometer ideal for your application. Check our application examples or ask one of our experts.

Special characeristics

  • Robust
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • Free of wear and maintenance
  • Rapid response behaviour
  • Adjustable emissivity and measuring range
  • Straightforward commissioning

Application fields

  • Steelworks and rolling mills
  • Metalworking industry
  • Glass industry
  • Foodstuff production
  • Chemical industry
  • Building and construction
  • Plastics processing
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