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Proxitron Light Barriers - unstoppable

High range and reliable detection is guaranteed even with strong interferences by steam, water, contamination and heat. All Proxitron light barriers dispose of a high functional reserve and can be equipped with a cooling jacket or a fiber optic cable.  To the press release

Functions and applications of Proxitron light barriers

Light barriers are the classics among sensors for object detection. With the classic through-beam sensor, a light signal is emitted by a transmitter and picked up by a receiver.

This light signal only reaches the receiver from the transmitter if the path is clear between them. If the signal from the transmitter does not reach the receiver, it means there is an object in the light beam and the switching output is activated. This sensor principle is used both for through-beam sensors, where a light path is established directly between the transmitter and receiver, and for retro-reflective sensors, where the light from the transmitter reaches the receiver via a reflector.

A modified form of this principle is the diffuse sensor. In this case, the transmitter's light is reflected back to the receiver directly from the surface of the object to be detected. Proxitron offers thru-beam sensors, retro-reflective sensors and diffuse sensors depending on the application. Photoelectric sensors from Proxitron are ideal for detecting hot and cold objects. The receiver only reacts to the specially modulated light signals of the transmitter, so the sensors are extremely insensitive to the influence of interfering light. In addition, the sensors are resistant to infrared radiation from other heat sources and can thus also be used to detect objects in ovens.

The high switching speed enables the safe monitoring of rapid processes. Response times of up to one millisecond can be realised. Proxitron photoelectric switches are characterised by their extreme ranges and thus enable their use in the most difficult environments. Whether steam, water, dust or dirt, Proxitron photoelectric switches set new standards in terms of operational reliability and functional reserve that are without equal.

The robust construction also guarantees safe operation in the roughest environmental conditions such as vibration, radiant heat and high ambient temperatures. The optics are made of temperature-resistant glass and can withstand even high stress. Proxitron offers a wide range of different variations of light barriers. In addition to the standard versions in stainless steel housings with integrated electronics, there are variants with a cooling jacket housing for ambient temperatures up to 200 °C. In addition, Proxitron offers all types of light barriers as versions with fibre optic cables, separate electronics and optics that can resist ambient temperatures of up to 600 °C. Different operating voltages and various switching outputs are available.

A dirt output enables early signalling of unsafe operating conditions. Various connection variants with temperature-resistant cables or plugs are available, as well as connection options with different types of protection hoses. An optional air connection enables cleaning of the optical system or its protection against contamination. The adjustable range and the coordinated accessories with reflectors for use at ambient temperatures of up to 500 °C complete the range.

The range also includes light grids with several light grids integrated into one device, which allow larger areas to be monitored for material whose position is not reproducible. Proxitron light barriers are suitable especially for material tracking in steel and rolling mills and in the metal processing industry. In addition, there are also many areas of application in ovens. Many years of experience give us knowledge of a large number of realised applications and thus enable us to provide competent answers even for demanding tasks. With our extensive range of accessories, we supply everything from a single source.


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