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New product in the Proxitron product range: ratio pyrometer

The company Proxitron has a new product type in the programme: The digital ratio pyrometer Piros S.; OKS L Q18.194 S10. Temperature measurements from 700°C to 1800°C are now possible, even if the ambient temperature is up to 250°C.

The special optic guarantee reliable temperature measurements, even with only 10% of completion of the measuring surface. This allows the measurement on very fluctating objects, for example a pouring stream of molten iron. Because the response time of only 5 ms, the pyrometer is also suitable for quick measuring processes. The integrated laser-pilot's light also permits –even at running measurement- the adjustment on the measuring object.

The robust stainless steel housing stands firm to every rough surroundings. To the ratio pyrometer are several connection cables, fiber optic cables, optics and mounting clamps available.

The pyrometer find their application above all in the steel industry, furnace production, soldering systems and in the metal industry.
The company Proxitron exists since 1979 and offers beside the temperature measurement also infrared sensors for material tracking in hot areas. In addition, the worldwide active company provides a wide product range of non-contact working sensors to capture position, flow and filling state.