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When it comes to small parts...

Inductive ringsensors made by Proxitron detect metal objects inside the ring-shaped entry. In particular the supply of small objects e.g. nails or bolts is reliably observable.
The smallest design has a mere size of 60x30x16 mm while having an outlet opening of 10,1mm up to 25,1 mm.

Special characteristics:

  • simple installation (since the product fits well in a row and is easily assemble stacking distance of >20mm)
  • fully reliable (due to its inductive sensor technology)
  • optimized to capture small parts (due to its integrated impulse extension)


  • detects nails, screws, studs etc.
  • throw-off or jam control
  • parts counting
  • wire break monitoring
  • nailing machines for plate production
  • flow control in assembly technology
  • congestion reporting in delivery tubing
  • velocimetry of drive chains
  • level measurement

Accessoires: Centering for tube passages


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