Application > Contact-free measurement of the temperature in steel and hot rolling mills and in metal working

Contact-free measurement of the temperature in steel and rolling mills and in metal working

The monitoring of temperature with contact-free yet precise measurement of the object is gaining tremendous importance in the steel and iron industry. The temperature of raw steel, slab, and wire is of immense importance for the quality of the product in the various processing stages, as well as for the safety in the workplace.

The special requirements of the steel industry on infrared thermometers or pyrometers arise from the harsh environmental conditions and the wide temperature ranges/operating temperatures - which range from cold material to object temperatures well in excess of 1000 °C.

The pyrometers or thermometers are often exposed to ambient temperatures of up to 250°C. Environments of this type place certain demands on the housing, the electronics, and the accessories of a pyrometer.

Pyrometers from the Proxitron Piros OKS series were designed for these special applications and are used worldwide in production-critical locations in steel mills and metal working, foundries and forging.

Wherever our infrared sensors / hot metal detectors, light barriers, and laser distance measuring systems are used, pyrometers from Proxitron measure the product forming temperature or contribute to safety in the workplace.

Learn more about the use of Proxitron pyrometers in steel and hot rolling mills or choose the optimal pyrometer for your application with our product selector.

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