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Weber Sensor Foto Captor 1207.14 Hot Metal Detector. Compare your outdated or defective sensor with the Piros HMD series of Proxitron and let yourself be convinced by the features. Hot metal detectors from Proxitron are permanently maintenance-free and optionally available with step switch or a comfortable software for parameter setting and remote adjustment. All devices are available with optocouplers.

Out comfortable sensor selector for Hot Metal Detectors will help you to select the perfect and economical device four you.

  • Response temperatures from 100 °C up to 1000 °C
  • Ambient temperature up to 600 °C
  • robust stainless steel housing
  • Field of view 0.5°, 1,5°, 2°, 7°, 2°x25°
  • optionally air purge unit
  • AC or DC variants
  • Cable or plug variants
  • wide range of accessories
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