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Can Quantity Sensors DMU

To increase the efficiency of your can production line

High speeds in the production process make it necessary to provide the optimum quantity of cans or bowls at any time and in any place.

The sensor developed by Proxitron for area and quantity control regulates the delivery rate and therefore the can pressure. Neither the can size nor the material is important. For example, the can quantity sensor monitors the bowl jam at the distributor and intelligently determines the percentage occupancy. The integrated analogue output signal can be used - in combination with the drive to adjust the conveyor speed in order to prevent excessive can pressure or to increases the conveyor speed if can quantity is too low.

Your advantages

  • moisture resistant

  • suitable for different can sizes (diameter < 70 mm)

  • detection range 1,000 x 140 mm

  • occupancy rate 0 to 100%

  • aluminium or metal cans

  • RS 485 interface

  • output 0-10 V (optional 4-20 mA)

Accessories (not included in delivery)


MS 84, Art.-No. 9804A

Connection cable with coupling S4 (M12 x 1 A), 2 m PVC cable 5 x 0.34 mm²

ST 043/5-2, Art.-No. 9850C

Connecting cable with coupling S4 (M12 x 1 A), 5 m PVC cable 5 x 0.34 mm²

ST 043/5-5, Art.-No. 9850D

Connecting cable with angular coupling S4 (M12 x 1 A), 10 m PVC cable 5 x 0.25 mm²

ST 041/5-10, Art.-No. 9850H

Connecting cable with angular coupling S4 (M12 x 1 A), 5 m PUR cable shielded

ST 041/5-5PURS, Art.-No. 9850K

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