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Sensor Strips

[Length to 500 mm, Sn to 30mm]

The slim construction of the series IKU 0 enables the monitoring of lines on metallic objects. A typical application is the usage as Can Line Sensor to monitor gaps, accumulations, assignment, movement, speed, direction, counting, sorting in can lines (aluminium and tinplate). We recommend the application of the comfortable ProxiTeach version. Keystroke instead of adjustment by potentiometer.

  • Teach-In. Adjustment at keystroke
  • Response zones. One or more response zones
  • length. Different lengths (80-500mm) depending on the application
  • Application. Traffic jam, direction, speed control

Practical accessories, particulary for can lines:

Concerning accessories choose the mounting bracket HM 7. The HM 7 allows, in combination with mounting bracket HM 8 or HM 9 (different sizes), the easy installation of inductive sensors series IKU 0 at the can line. An adaption at existing Sencon mounting brackets is possible.

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