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Rugged and sensitive at the same time

Inductive proximity switches are excellent for the contactless detection of metal objects

A metal object which is located within the sensor range of the proximity switch, changes the electromagnetic field and creates a switching signal. Positions of metal objects or parts of machines can be detected safely and maintenance free. The key benefit of the proximity switch is that it is not sensitive to water and pollution.

Our sensors with extremely high sensing distance enable metal detection even where conventional standard sensors are overwhelmed. Furthermore, Proxi-Teach® technology offers safe operation under all conditions. PROXITRON inductive proximity sensors are therefore found in a wide range of applications in the steelmaking and metalworking industries and are preferred by many plant and machine builders "when the heat is on".

Depending on the sensor type, our selection of can sensors is predestined for the production and filling of cans, for counting metal cans on conveyor belts or for increasing the efficiency of a plant in the production of cans. Reliable control of the feeding of small parts, such as screws or nails, this is possible with our ring sensors. For application in chemically aggressive environment our sensors in PTFE housing are suitable.

Additionally to the great selection of industrial standard solutions we offer adapted variants or single individual solutions for complex applications. Our experience makes it possible to understand your request, identify possible problems and to solve them.

Special features

  • insensitive to soiling and wear-free

  • moisture resistant

  • vibration, shake and shock resistant

  • high switching distances

  • up to +230 °C ambient temperature

  • large selection of designs

  • different operating voltages

  • short circuit proof and reverse polarity protected

  • extremely high protection class >IP69K

  • large selection of different connection and cable variants

Application area

  • Steel production

  • Rolling mills

  • Metal Forming

  • Plant and mechanical engineering

  • Automotive industry

  • Food manufacturing

  • Packaging industry

  • Agricultural industry

  • Defense

Do you have a specific use case?

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