Application > Level control of blooms before descaling

Level control of blooms before descaling

Type + Art.-No.:

LAA 600.3 S4, 5037I

LSA 600.38 GV S4, 5038I



Shape control of blooms, if head is bent

Steel industry

Customer / Field / Equipment manufacturer

Steelworks / Production of semi-finished steel products.

Application description

Hot blooms of different sizes travel on a roller conveyor in undefined position (not guided).

Conveyor width 1000 mm approx..

Blooms height can vary from 110 up to 280 mm.

Customer problem

The end user needs to check if the bloom head is bent to avoid damage of the subsequent descaler. As blooms of different heights are transported, also control lines (light barriers) at different heights are necessary. Manufacturer decided to build up a level control similar like a light grid. Based on the bloom height being transported, the PLC monitors the light barrier line which is expected to be interrupted and also the one lying right above. If also the superior beam is interrupted, a bow of the bloom has been detected.

Previous solution


Proxitron solution

5 through-beam barriers were used to create a light grid with five height levels according to bloom sizes. To avoid mutual light interference, they were horizontally staggered along the conveyor. The use of OL 19 tube was recommended to create a most defined (thin) line. Transmitter and receiver were arranged so that two side by side installed light barriers always had opposite beam direction: Emitter and receiver look alternatively from right to left and from left to right.

Advantages compared to previous solution or competition

Robust housing and reliable sensor function also at steam and spray mist and because of the high temperature environment, which usually affects common light barriers negatively.

Used accessories


Swivel Stand

female connector straight S4, up to 105 °C

female connector straight S4, up to 105 °C


HM 2

ST 043/3-10H

ST 043/5-10H





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