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Bottle counting in glass manufacturing facilities




OKA 2029.38 G


Non-contact detection of hot objects


Glass bottle production

Customer / Field / Equipment manufacturer

Glass bottle production

Application description

Production of glass containers for pharmaceutical use. After molding, glass bottles are lined up and transported on a transfer conveyor; here they must be counted. Their temperature ranges from 600 up to 1000 °C. Color and size can vary. Travelling speed can reach up to 500 bottles / min.

Customer problem

Previous tests with light barriers were unsuccessful due to the changing degree of transparency as a consequence of the bottle color; reliable detection was not possible. Capacitive proximity sensors are too slow to react. Moreover, previously used sensors could not resist the high bottle body temperature.

Previous solution / Competitor product

Light barriers or capacitive proximity switches.

Proxitron solution

A compact hot metal detector capturing the body temperature of the bottle.

Due to its round shape, the quantity of heat radiation emitted by the bottle to the sensor is larger in the middle than in the empty space between two bodies. Therefore, each bottle generates a switching pulse. Bottles with very little spacing can be detected by pointing the sensor onto the bottle neck.

Advantages compared to previous solution or competition

Infrared sensors have a very high switching frequency rate (1500 Hz) so that they can control conveyors travelling at high speed. Their water-cooled housing and glass lens are robust enough to resist the body temperature of the bottles; this allows for near installation.

Accessories used


Mounting swivel


HM 2



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