Application > Automation of industrial processes / Material Handling Equipment for industrial painting

Automation of industrial processes / Material Handling Equipment for industrial painting




IKZ 307.23 GH


Non contact detection of metal object


Machine building - materials handling

Customer / Field / Equipment manufacturer

Automation of paint and finishing lines

Application description

Suspended rail conveyors feed material into ovens for painting or finishing treatment. Motion is given by chains for transfer at constant or adjustable speed. Position of material must be monitored exactly and continuously to start and stop movement. Proximity switches are placed along the conveyor track to detect a bolt travelling in front of them which serves as position reference for each station. Process temperatures are 220 °C or 350 °C.

Problem of the customer

Sensors which can withstand high temperatures.

Previous solution

Pepperl+Fuchs NCN25 F35 A2 250 V1.

Proxitron solution

IKZ 307.23 GH with 5 m PTFE cable (up to 230 °C), with remote electronic and 2 m PUR cable. Since bolt to be detected is only Ø 20 mm and round, a reduction in switching distance is to be expected. To make detection safer, a metal plate was fixed firmly on the bolt to serve as metal target and attenuate the sensor magnetic field more effectively.

Advantages compared to previous solution or competition

Proxitron sensor is M30 cylindrical, therefore smaller than P+F 40x40, and fits better in the construction. Less expensive. Ambient temperature up to 230 °C is a must, for both sensor and cable. Customer had made a market research and found temperature-resistant solutions for sensor head only (e.g. Balluff).

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