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Video Pyrometer OMVD

Accurate and reliable – the new video pyrometer of the OMVD Serie

The integrated video module and the crosshair laser sighting allow for precise and reliable alignment on the measurement area starting from a distance of 90 mm, with optical resolution up to 300:1, which makes the OMV capable of measuring objects as small as 0,5 mm.

Through the trigger function it is possible to gather real-time snapshots, showing temperature limits or time-based temperature information - according to the application settings. These real-time snapshots are particularly useful if you need to keep records of your temperature measurements and for quality control purposes.

Parameterization, video-alignment and process control can be carried out on the electronics box directly.


  • Temperature ranges from 50 °C to 2200 °C
  • can withstand up to 70 °C ambient temperature without additional cooling
  • video module and crosshair laser sighting for precise alignment on measurement field, also on very hot objects
  • accurate and reliable measurement of metals and ceramics, on objects as small as 0,5 mm
  • sensor parameterization, video-alignment and process control directly through separate electronics
  • trigger function with real-time snapshots
  • remote control through software
  • wide range of accessories
  • attractive price

Software (Windows)

Separate electronics

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