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Thermal Imaging Camera OMC

Hybrid, robust, fast, autonomous, and designed for harsh environments

The thermal imager OMC, our new extremely compact infrared camera in a robust and smart M36 stainless steel housing, weighing just 200 g

The OMC series offers a robust thermal imaging camera for temperature measurement from -20 to 900 °C with a large number of clever functions for your smart manufacturing process.

The system features one analog and one digital output. Through the interface it is possible to create and define up to 9 measuring fields independently, for further processing.

An automatic spot finder is incorporated into the camera. This makes the temperature measurement of moving objects possible, without a new alignment of the OMC. All models are equipped with motorized focus, which - combined with the intuitive OMC software – allows for precise focusing in the distance.

With an image processing frequency of up to 80 Hz, the OMC system is fit for use also in high-speed thermal processes. Optics with different angles of views are available to suit specific application needs.

A wide range of accessories makes the OMC camera suitable for different operating conditions.


  • robust and compact IR-camera
  • 9 freely definable measurement areas
  • motorized focus for precise focusing in the distance
  • temperature measurement of moving objects
  • wide range of accessories
  • attractive price

Software (Windows)


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