Mini Pyrometer OMZ

Temperature measurement in limited spaces

OMZ Pyrometers are suitable for different applications in industry, for temperature measurement ranges between -50 °C and 1600 °C.

The compact sensing head makes the measurement in hard-to-reach areas easier and can be used up to 180 °C ambient temperature without cooling.

The electronics is integrated into the connection cable of the pyrometer. The analog output can be scaled via Smartphone App or Windows software, so that the measurement range can be set according to individual needs.

These sensors have been designed for control and monitoring tasks in different industrial sectors:

  • steel and rolling mills
  • furnace construction
  • glass and ceramics
  • soldering, sintering, hardening
  • metal sector
  • paper and packaging
  • food and chemicals

Pyrometers of the OMZ series for temperature measurement of different materials are available in multiple versions.

An extensive range of accessories rounds off this product line and allows adaptation to fit different applications.


  • temperature measurement in different applications
  • small, robust sensor head in stainless steel (M12)
  • sensor head for ambient temperature up to 180 °C
  • electronics integrated into the cable, with LED
  • easy programming via Smartphone App or Windows software
  • alarm output
  • wide range of accessories
  • attractive price

Software (Windows)

Following parameters can be displayed and changed via software:

  • adjustment of the measurement range
  • emissivity setting
  • display and recording of the measurement data
  • mean value calculation
  • LED signaling
  • switching output condition

Mobile App

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