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Inductive analogue sensors - the new MX series

Measure distances up to 105 mm

Inductive analogue sensors represent the further development of the inductive proximity switch and enable the measurement of a distance or position change rather than the simple, speedy detection of metal objects. Proxitron sensors for inductive path measurement are characterised by their extremely great detection range, high precision, and extremely robust design. Compared with laser distance sensors, inductive analogue sensors from Proxitron are resistant to all kinds of dirt.

The current or voltage signal provided at the output of the inductive analogue sensor behaves according the distance of the metal object from the sensor. Objects of different sizes, shapes, or types of material create different signals. Based on the properties, inductive analogue sensors from Proxitron are excellent for distance measurement, positioning tasks, angle recording, bearing play and true running inspection, material and size differences, and thickness measurement.

Resistant to all types of dirt, vibration, water vapour, and dust, it also continuously operates reliably at temperatures up to 100 °C. A number of applications like rotary kilns >>, in ship rehabilitation systems >> and in vibration conveyor systems prove this.

The new MX series is equipped with an RS 485 interface. Parameters are calibrated via the MODBUS RTU protocol or the included convenient software. In addition to setting the measurement range and a status display for monitoring the sensor, the ProSoft P1 software also offers optional customer-specific linearization, adjustment of the analogue output signal, and parameterisation of a fault alarm in case the set measurement range is left or the sensor overheats.

Your advantages

  • Resistant to dirt

  • Resistant to moisture

  • Wear and maintenance-free

  • Adjustable measuring range and linearization

  • Parameterisation of a fault alarm

  • Increased ambient temperatures

  • Large selection of model designs

  • 0 - 10 V and 0/4 - 20 mA output


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