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LiDAR LIA 010 and LIB 010

Distance measurement & object detection up to 10 m

Object detection and distance measurement with LiDAR technology, in a freely definable zone. A robust stainless steel housing for measurement in steel plants and rolling mills, on objects with temperatures of up to 1.200 °C.

  • Distance range* on surfaces (20 %) 0 – 10 m (can be parameterized)

  • Distance range* on reflector (90 %) 0 – 40 m (can be parameterized)

  • Robust stainless steel housing with attachment for protection hose

  • Operating also with steam, fog, rain, snow or dust

  • Ambient temperatures up to +75°C or +200°C if provided with water cooling

  • Low investment costs

  • Ease of use, with ProSoft P1

  • Analog output 4-20mA

  • 2 Digital outputs, fully parameterizable

  • Bus capable (MODBUS)

* depending on target reflectivity, surface quality, external light influence and atmospheric conditions

Proxitron sensors have always been robust and wear resistant; distinguishing themselves as maintenance-free. The new LIA 010 and LIB 010 fit this concept: They are real All-Around problem solvers in their functions and can be employed in a variety of applications, both indoors and out. This is made possible by the cutting-edge LiDAR technology and the built-in intelligent software for signal processing.

The LiDAR LIA 010 / LIB 010 measures on hot objects with temperatures of up to 1200 °C and operates also under adverse conditions such as steam, fog, rain, snow or dust. Whether for simple presence and object detection in a defined range of max 10 meters - 40 meters combined with a reflector – and/or for distance measurement, in both cases it is at ease. Thanks to its sturdy stainless steel housing, the new sensor LIA 010 / LIB 010 is apt for use in harsh environments as in steel plants and rolling mills. Although its operation and programming compare to high priced laser systems for distance measurement, its price is more like a Hot Metal Detector for the detection of hot objects.

LIA 010

For ambient temperatures of up to +75°C.

LIB 010

For ambient temperatures of up to +200°C if provided with water cooling

The Software

As to operating and parameterizing comfort, the new LIA 010 / LIB 010 beasts any other system. In the spirit of Industry 4.0 it has been provided with an intuitive and simple software interface. The LIA 010 / LIB 010 has two switching outputs and one analog signal. The switching outputs can be parameterized in relation to a defined active range so that the sensor monitors this area and switches within this distance window only. A number of parameters are processed and represented in real time. The device is based on MODBUS protocol for communication and can be easily integrated in existing Bus systems.

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