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LMA/LMB 101 - Laser distance sensor with first-class features

With the new LMB/LMA 101 laser distance sensor, Proxitron sets new standards in path and distance measurement. As the best in its class, it measures distances of up to 150*) metres - precisely and confidently. Even ambient temperatures of 200 °C do not upset the LMB 101 due to its stainless steel cooling housing. For lower ambient temperatures, the laser distance sensor is also available without a cooling jacket (LMA 101). But that's not all: the new laser distance sensor from Proxitron handles object temperatures of up to 1350 °C. Top performance that predestines the LMB 101 for rough use in steel and rolling mills.

Your benefits

  • Measurement distance up to 150 m*)

  • Variable adjustable measuring range

  • High accuracy ( ± 1 mm)

  • Ambient temperatures up to 200 °C

  • Object temperatures up to 1350 °C

  • Three freely adjustable digital outputs

  • Configurable alarm signaling (e.g. overtemperature)

  • Easy parameterization via software

  • Time variable trigger function

  • Extremely solid

  • RS485 interface

  • BUS capable (MODBUS RTU)

  • Analog output (4 - 20 mA) with 16-bit resolution

Extensive accessories

*) With a reflexitivity of about 80% up to 100 meters

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