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Distance measurement with superior properties

With the new laser distance sensor Proxitron sets new standards in path and distance measurements. As the best of its kind, it measures distances of up to 150*) meters, precise and confident. Even at ambient temperatures of up to 200 °C sensor model LMB 101 is not disconcerted given its stainless steel cooling housing. For lower ambient temperatures, the laser distance sensor is also available without a cooling jacket (LMA 101). On top of that, Proxitron's new sensor faces object temperatures of up to 1350 °C. Maximum performance guaranteed with LMB 101 for use in steel plants and rolling mills.

Your benefits

  • Measurement distance up to 150 m*)

  • Variable adjustable measuring range

  • High accuracy ( ± 1 mm)

  • Ambient temperatures up to 200 °C

  • Object temperatures up to 1350 °C

  • Three freely adjustable digital outputs

  • Configurable alarm signaling (e.g. overtemperature)

  • Easy parameterization via software

  • Time variable trigger function

  • Extremely solid

  • RS485 interface

  • BUS capable (MODBUS RTU)

  • Analog output (4 - 20 mA) with 16-bit resolution


HM2 Mounting

Protective hoses for different requirements

Connection cable

Air Purge

*) With a reflexitivity of about 80% up to 100 meters