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Precise laser distance measurement with Proxitron

Proxitron extends their product portfolio by the new laser distance measuring sensor LMB 100.
The sensor allows a distance measurement contactlessly on hot and cold objects from up to 1300 °C. The robust stainless steel housing is equipped with a cooling jacket or air cooling. This allows the application in rough areas with a surrounding temperature of up to +200 °C.

The maximum measuring area can be 500 m, depending on the object. With an exactness of ±1 mm and a response time of 10 ms the measurement occurs fast and precise. The distance value is shown  as a 4 – 20 mA analog signal with 12 bits – resolution.

The LMB 100 is standard equipped with an interface RS485. With this the parameterization with a provided software can be made. Amongst others the software offers the setting of the distance measuring area. Furthermore distance values can be assigned to three freely programmable switching outputs . A trigger input allows specific measurements on a defined object which is detected, for example, by a Proxitron light barrier or a Proxitron infrared sensor.

The range of products of Proxitron encloses inductive, optical, analog and flow sensors. The LMB 100 complements the product range of the sensors for steelworks in supplement to infrared sensors, light barriers, pyrometer and inductive sensors.

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