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High range and reliable detection – The new Light Barriers of Proxitron

Proxitron has concentrated by the development of the new generation of Light Barriers upon especially high ranges with maximum functional reserve for uses under extreme conditions. The new Thru-Beam Sensors guarantee the secure detection of hot or cold objects. Even with strong interferences by steam, water, contamination and heat, a safe detection is guaranteed by the high functional reserve. Now the maximum range of up to 2500 m is achievable. Possible background radiation (e.g., in furnaces) does not influence the devices. The Thru-Beam Sensors exists of two components (transmitter and receiver) and the housing is made of robust stainless steel. The ambient temperature can be up to +70 ° C, with a cooling jacket and suitable cooling even up to 200° C.

For even higher temperatures the Thru-Beam Sensors can be used with a fiber optic cable (in different lengths available) and special optics. Equipped like this the Thru-Beam Sensors can withstand ambient temperatures of up to 290° C and as special model types up to 600° C. The test function which simulates the object detection was also added. A contamination output allows the signaling of unsafe working conditions at an early stage. The extremely quick response time of 1 ms / 1000 Hz guarantees the reliable detection of quickly moving objects.

Also in the area of retro-reflective sensors Proxitron optimised a lot. Light Barriers, especially developed for material tracking in steel and rolling mills, can be used for ranges of up to 65 m and the diffuse sensors for material detection of distances up to 6000 mm. They stand firm to the same ambient temperatures like the Thru-Beam Sensors and they also have a contamination output. The optical adjustment aid and contamination announcement are helpful additions of the light barriers. Reflectors in different dimensions and for different temperature areas are available, as well as several accessories for all Light Barriers of Proxitron.

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