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HMD - Infrared Loop Scanner

The new Proxitron Infrared Loop Scanner, type VSB 4306, detects hot material and measures its position with high precision. The integrated, maintenance-free CCD line detects hot material even under the toughest conditions. No matter whether it is a large slab or a thin wire. The sensor is equipped with a water-cooled steel case and has a functional and status display (LED). The quick response time of 3 ms permits an object detection of quickly moving materials from a temperature of 600 °C.

The loop scanner scans constantly a narrow measuring area at an angle of 43 ° if there is any hot material and detects the exact position of wire, sections or rods even through dust and steam. With the analog output it is possible to adjust speed downstream as for example in the case of loop control, centre the hot material or determine the position of hot material of any kind. Furthermore a switching signal provides information on the presence of hot material in the scan area.

The infrared loop scanner was deliberately designed without any moving mechanical parts, in order to offer the customer a long-lasting and maintenance-free sensor. The loop scanner is equipped with a robust MIL plug. A suitable mounting bracket is available as an accessory as well.

The Infrared loop scanner is used in the steel industry at hot rolling, pressing, forging and sintering, with position monitoring, loop monitoring, slab-edge detection or centering tasks/purposes.