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Inductive Proximity Switches with cylindrical housing

[Sn up to 200 mm, -40°C up to +230°C]

Inductive Proximity Switches with cylindrical housings are one of the standard sensors worldwide. We offer you at least one more benefit with each device. In addition to variants with plugs or a standard length of the cable of 2 meters, you can choose the cable length and the type of cable that is optimal for you. In addition, we offer Proximity Switches with a lot of features.

Convince yourself!


  • Teach-in Adjustment at the touch of a button to the ambient conditions and an optimum switching distance.
  • ProxiPlus technology More freedom and safety in sensing distance! Or you can benefit from the smaller design of the ProxiPlus sensor, with the same sensing distance as previously used by you.
  • ProxiPolar Proxitron low temperature series for temperatures from -40 °C available for many types.
  • ProxiHeat Proxitron high temperature series for temperatures up to +120 °C available for many types.
  • ProxiHT Inductive proximity switches in stainless steel housing for demanding applications in high temperature range with ambient temperatures up to 230°C.
  • PTFE housing For applications in chemically aggressive environments, also with PTFE cable, when temperature resistance and chemical resistance are required.
  • Frequency-tuned In close-meshed material tracking, sensors can influence each other. With us, you will find frequency-tuned sensors that can be mounted alternately directly next to each other. Guaranteed without mutual interference.
  • Cable length We supply the sensor with the appropriate cable length for your application.
  • Cable type We offer a variety of different cable types for a wide range of application conditions.


Do you have a specific use case?

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