Can sensors for manufacturing and filling cans

Our IKU type can line sensors are used throughout the conveyance sections for detecting aluminium or tin-plate cans. Thanks to the large sensor area, the detection of cans is possible throughout a large range of the conveyance section thus providing optimum feeding from the cup drawing press to the bodymaker, to the washer, feeder, drier, painting unit, printing and fi lling systems and the downstream logistics processes, all the way through to packaging.

Devices in different lengths and with different switching distances are available. 


As accessory choose the mounting bracket HM 7. In combination with the mounting bracket HM 8 or HM 9 (different sizes) it allows the easy installation of inductive sensors of the series IKU 0 in can lines. An adaption to existing Sencon mounting brackets is possible.

Your advantages

  • adjustment by one press of a button (Teach-In function)
  • one or more response zones
  • different lengths (80 - 500 mm) depending on application
  • jam-, direction- and speed control

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