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The classic can

In many ways, the can is something special. It is used as commercial packaging for all types of foodstuffs, is tied behind the cars of newly-married to bring luck or used by children as a tin-can telephone. Cans are easy and practical, as there is always a can opener close at hand.

As a sensor manufacturer with over 35 years of experience in the development and production of sensors, we have set ourselves the goal of developing high performance and and cost-optimised sensors for the manufacturing and filling processes for cans. These special sensors are used throughout the world by countless manufacturers of metal packaging for the foodstuffs and drinking industry as well as for non-food products such as paint, hairspray or batteries.

Can detection on conveying sections

A sensor for all cans

Sensor for area and mass control

Our first can line sensor to use the inductive principle was created at the Elmshorn site more than two decades ago to control the speed and feed of cans in a production line. With the passage of time Proxitron developed the first can line sensor with Teach-In function, which automatically adjusts to the surrounding conditions. „Teach-In and forget“ has been the motto ever since. See for yourself the powerful functions of our products and our accessories for the adaptation of Proxitron products in the manufacturing process for all types of two-part and three-part cans.

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