Application > Transport, logistics and storage systems in the steel mill

The transport and storage of warm and cold material in steel or hot rolling mills or other processing industries is a complex challenge. Various areas for production, transport, storage in flat storage, shelf storage, or packaging use different technologies for transport which are optimised for each sub-area. In addition to roller conveyor systems, circulating trolley systems, cold strip lines, lifting bar conveyors, chain conveyors, lifting tables, rotary tables, cavity roller stations, shearing lines, and inspection lines are used. Each of these systems has different requirements for object recognition and detection, based on the change in shape after each processing step, the function of the processing step, or the altered material properties, such as the temperature or surface. 

Proxitron supports you with various sensor solutions during the entire production process or product route. Our sensors help you achieve flexibility during the entire product route and optimal integration into control systems.

In addition to our light barriers, infrared sensors, pyrometers/ infrared thermometers and laser distance measuring systems, our inductive special sensors and proximity switches are used worldwide, especially in steel and hot rolling mills. In the process, the contact-free detection, determination of distances, or measurement of temperature on hot objects is just the first advantage Proxitron sensors offer. Our sensors feature a special design for operation under extreme conditions and a long service life.

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Your benefit, your advantage

  • Maintenance-free
  • High availability
  • Extremely robust
  • Infrared sensors: Actuation temperature variable from 250°C - 900°C
  • Light barriers: extreme functional reserve
  • 40 years of application experience worldwide
  • Cost-optimised with scaling depending on the installation location
  • Provision of samples for a test period
  • Application consulting / analysis