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Door systems for platforms offer a wide spectrum of advantages for operators and passengers of underground railways and other rail-bound transportation systems. Platform doors serve as a protective element between passengers, the train, and the rail. The train enters the platform and stops at the exact position in which the vehicle doors are level with the platform doors. When the train stops, the opening of the doors of the platform and train takes place simultaneously. Passengers can safely exit and board the train. At the same time, waiting passengers are protected from turbulence, loud noises, and dirt during the arrival and departure of trains.

The challenge of this application is the precise positioning of the train behind the doors. Proxitron sensors of the type IKU 215T.38 GS4 satisfy all requirements for use in this application. Installed alternatingly or optionally under the train / on the platform, they recognise the exact positioning of the train and release the opening of the doors. The convenient teach-in function optimally adjusts the sensors without any prior knowledge of the environmental conditions. Specially trained personnel are not needed. In addition, the sensors have a switching distance of 120 mm for high functional reserve, which may be needed over the course of time due to worn wheel rims on the train. An off-frequency variant of this sensor can be installed in the same position for redundant measurement without influencing the sensor installed in its immediate vicinity.

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Your advantages

  • high switching distance, high functional reserve

  • comfortable Teach-In function for adjusting

  • frequency offset to build up a redundancy

  • extreme mechanically robust housing