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In paper production, the future quality of paper or paperboard is considerably influenced by the headbox and in the forming section. Headbox and formation build up the first stage of a papermaking machine. In the former the stock is applied on the wire and here a uniform paper web is formed. During this process a huge quantity of water is drained. This process makes particularly high demands on sensors.
Besides the common machines with a fourdrinier section, also machines with additional top wire - the so-called Duo-Former™ or  Hybridformer -  and double wire machines - the so-called Gap Formers - are used.

Inductive analogue sensors  from Proxitron check the position of the former, provided this is made of a metal strip or web, or entails metal particles. Slight changes in the position of the former can be detected and if the displacement becomes critical, the sensor can activate a signal to the machine control.


At a glance

  • maintenance free

  • robust

  • waterproof plug connection

  • RS 485 interface

Technical data MKU 215.19 S4

  • Distance range max. from: 0 - 120 mm

  • Location at metal: non flush mounting

  • Output: 0 - 10 V

  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC

  • Interface: RS 485


  • 3-pole angular coupling with moulded connection cable of 5 m length for analogous evaluation

  • 5-pole angular coupling with moulded connection cable of 5 m length for additional use of RS 485 interface

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