Application > Occupied or free at charging stations

In many countries and towns of the world the subject of  electric mobility gains increasingly in importance. In numerous metropolises there are ongoing projects which pushes forward the construction of charging stations for electric vehicles, as well as the electric operation of buses of the public transport, massively. This serves the protection of person and environment.

Proxitron offers with inductive and optical sensors solutions for the recognition of a vehicle at a charging station (recognition: occupied or free). Different weather terms like excessive sun exposure, snow or ice and strong rain are as considered by the development of these special sensors, as the vandalism by spraying of graffitis.

It is this last aspect which is often  a great challenge for many operators of charging stations. The choice of an inductive sensor for the surface undereath the vehicle seems to be at first sight the better solution and guarantees the function of the vehicle recognition. The operator receives the information that a charging station was sprayed with graffitis, only when an optical sensor is used. Outgoing from the premise that the sprayer  won‘t probably leave blank displays and openings to cause the maximum damage, the optical system of Proxitron announces this functional interference. Thus measures can be initiated specifically to examine the charging station and to repair it again.

The optical sensors developed by Proxitron can be integrated into the charging station. No works on the floor covering must be carried out. This saves time and money as for the installation as well as during a later maintenace. Furthermore in total there are lower investment costs for an optical solution.
Proxitron relies on sensor elements of the LiDAR technology. LiDAR (light detection and ranging) is a method of the optical object detection, distance and speed measurement. Proxitron sensors use exclusively in this area not visible light which makes it very simple to use in the public.

In the recent past the LiDAR technology has proven itself also in vehicle assistance systems or the autonomous control of vehicles as extremely robust towards external surroundings terms and therefore it is perfect for the recognition: occupied or free at charging stations.

Proxitron sensors with LiDAR technology can be bought as a compact device in a case IP67 for outside applications or modular without case. Of course we support you also extensively at the integration in existing systems.

Your benefits

  • weather resistant

  • robust

  • integrable in charging stations

  • low investment costs

  • strong LiDAR technology

  • sensor with or without housing available