Application> Detection of lateral loop during rolling process for the production of bars

Detection of lateral loop during rolling process for the production of bars





LMB 100


Non-contact distance measurement on hot objects

Steel Industry

Customer / Field / Equipment manufacturer

Manufacturer of rolled sections.

Application description

Rectangular billets coming from the reheating furnace run through 19 rolling stands. Material is 8 to 10 m long and reduced through the rolling process to a T section. During rolling, tensions between two adjacent stands are possible which causes material not only to rise or fall, but also to bend aside. The first two conditions are usually controlled by means of a loop scanner. The lateral displacement - which occurs rather frequently in rolling T sections - can be monitored with a distance measurement device. The analog output signal was parameterized according to the distance to be controlled. The information on lateral displacement is used to adjust the impact force of the preceding stand.

Customer Problem

Material has a temperature of approx.1000 °C and run at 6.5 m /sec speed through the rolling stands. Customer needed a device which could make reliable distance measurements on hot material from the side.

Previous solution / Competitor product

Previous tests had been carried out by the customer himself with an IFM sensor available in the factory for other uses. Tests turned out unsuccessful. Measurement values were badly affected by the high temperature of the material.

Proxitron solution

Laser Distance Measurement Device LMB 100, fit for use on hot objects with temperature up to 1350 °C.

Advantages compared to previous solution or competition

Output signal was very stable and measurement accuracy very high. Reliable operation also at very high object temperatures (here 1000 °C). Robust stainless steel housing with cooling jacket and air purge, suitable for operation also in hot and highly-polluted environments.

Accessories used


Swivel stand

Connection cable

RS Interface converter

Power Supply

Air adapter


HM 2

ST S8-2

SIC 485U S6


OL 35







Additional information

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