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Crate full control

Detection of beer bottles in the crate

Type + Article-No.:

IPH 055.38 G S4, 2502A
IPH 055.38 G S4 F1, 2502B


Detection of crown corks placed on bottles


Bottling of beverages

Customer / Field / Equipment manufacturer

 Warsteiner Brewery

Application description

After beer bottles are crown corked in the bottling line, they are placed in crates next. Both 0.33l and 0.5l bottles can be packed on a production line. In the application, the task is to check whether a bottle is missing from a crate. The crates move lengthwise under the inspection rack so that four bottles can be detected at the same time for each crate type. The aim is to be able to detect both bottle sizes reliably with one system in the future.

Customer problem

When changing the bottle size, the sensors do not detect the small bottles. Currently, there is a second system for this variant with an optical photoelectric proximity switch solution.

Previous solution / Competitor product

In the previous inductive solution, non-frequency-tuned proximity switches from a competitor with a switching distance of 30 mm are used. If the bottle size is changed, the smaller bottles in the crate are not detected. If the sensors are set more sensitive, they influence each other.

Proxitron solution

In order to be able to detect both bottle sizes, inductive proximity switches of type IPH 055.38 G S4 and IPH 055.38 G S4 F are used. These have an increased switching distance and thus easily detect the crown corks of the different bottles. To ensure that the sensors can be positioned next to and do not influence each other, every second sensor is used in the frequency-tuned version.

Advantages compared to previous solution or competition

The advantage of Proxitron products of type IPH 055.38 G S4 and IPH 055.38 G S4 F1 is the increased switching distance and frequency tuning.

Accessories used


Mounting clamp
Connection cable with angled coupling S4 (M12 x 1 A) 2 m PVC cable 4 x 0.25 mm²





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