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Billet casting lines continuously deliver semi-finished products for subsequent further processing.  Proxitron light barriersPiros infrared sensors of the type OSA with optical fibre cable and a lens (OAF), and Proxitron pyrometers are ideally suited for detection of the material directly in the hot area on the billet casting line. The lenses can be continuously exposed to ambient temperatures of up to 600 °C.  

Depending on the field of view and distance to the object, they monitor a narrowly defined range. In this manner, a combination of several sensors can monitor a multitude of billets at different positions within a small space. The cooling bed is a classic application for Proxitron light barriers for recognition of whether end positions are occupied. The light barriers detect both hot and cold material and are nearly impervious to contamination thanks to their functional reserve.

Light barriers and infrared sensors from Proxitron you can get in different types depending on the application and the prevailing ambient temperature. 

For extreme temperatures (up to 600 °C), you can choose between devices with optical fibre variants with a cooling housing (200 °C). An affordable variant in a durable stainless steel housing (75 °C) can be used for less extreme conditions. 

We offer our durable swivel stand HM 2 for secure mounting of all systems. Together with the laser light unit, which can be quickly adapted for alignment, commissioning of the infrared sensors or light barriers takes place quickly and precisely. 

The actuation temperature of Proxitron infrared sensors can be flexibly adapted to the temperature of the object from cold 250 °C to hot 900 °C. We offer optional air flushing in order to keep the lenses free from soot and scale.

Your benefit, your advantage

  • Maintenance-free

  • High availability

  • Extremely robust

  • Infrared sensors: Actuation temperature variable from 250°C - 900°C

  • Light barriers: extreme functional reserve

  • 35 years of application experience worldwide

  • Cost-optimised with scaling depending on the installation location

  • Provision of samples for a test period

  • Application consulting / analysis

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