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The new HMD mini with intelligent software

The new HMD (Hot Metal Detector) mini was developed especially for limited installation conditions. To make the sensor even smaller and more compact, a M40 housing was used and operating elements at the device havn’t been implemented. The robust stainless steel housing and the silica glass lens permit the application even under rough conditions.

The sensor has two switching outputs which can be used as an opened or closed output and can also be set with different response temperatures. With the alarm function a selfsupervision of the sensor is realizable. If the function of the sensor is at risk due to an extremely dirty optic or overheating, the infrared temperature switch gives an error signalling (alarm mode). The setting of the sensor as well as the display of the operating status is carried out via the software which is simple to use. The sensor has an interface RS485 and is due to MODBUS RTU BUS compatible as well.

The HMD mini is suitable for object temperatures of 250 °C till 1000 °C. A Teach-In function allows the automatic recognition of the material temperature and sets the sensor to the optimum response temperature. This Teach function, as well as a functional control for the simulation of the object detection, can also be released externally, without software. With the quick response time of 0.3 milliseconds, very rapid processes can also be supervised in the metal processing industry.

Suitable accessories (cooling jacket, air purge unit, laser pilot light, mounting brackets, connection cables) offer a complete solution for nearly every application case.

Hot Metal Detectors (HMD) detect the infrared heat radiated by hot materials and are mainly used in the metal-processing industry as a temperature switch. Thus the material detection can be simplified in many positions. However, the HMD mini is suited also for the object detection in other industrial sectors, e.g., of the glass or ceramics processing.

Proxitron offers a wide range of sensors to the object detection, distance measurement and flow sensors as well as a great selection of accessories.